A.C. Litherland

Born with Autism, A.C. Litherland’s sharp intellect, truthfulness, and mindfulness shine through in his writing. Through the adventures of Harry Haredini, Litherland has found a way to fulfill his passion for writing fun and thoughtful short stories for young readers. Litherland’s heightened senses have allowed him to create characters who embody compassion, determination, strength, and humor and are intended to inspire happiness in all readers. When Litherland isn’t writing, he enjoys skiing, traveling, roaming antique stores, spending time with his family, and playing games. Litherland is proving that you can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

A.C. Litherland’s books are full of wholesome adventure, strong characters, and social training to help develop friendships and fuel positive interactions. His stories are written for people of all ages, but he intentionally adds big words to his otherwise accessible writing to help young and developing readers improve their vocabulary. He wants his readers to learn from his stories, but that doesn’t stop him from making readers laugh at every turn.